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How to work with colours in design

How to work with colours in design / Colour Harmonies and Interaction of colours.


Similarities and relationships between colours

  • Colour areas
  • The different colour areas in the colour space
  • Navigating the colour space

Different context different colours

  • Different colour areas for different purposes
  • Colour in the Exterior/Interior/Product design
  • Colour choices

Different colour harmony theories 

  • Johannes Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Johannes Itten
  • Complementary colours

What is a harmonic colour combination?

  • Colour similarities
  • Colour scales
  • Colour combinations

Interaction of colours : Lightness

  • Colour contrast & Lightness contrast
  • Colour and pattern
  • Border distincness between colours

Interaction of colours: Colour Changes

  • Colour changes – proportion, size, scale, distance
  • Josef Albers Colour Theories
  • Simultaneous Contrast/Induction Phenomena

Introduction to Colour Design

  • Inspiration to colour design
  • Natures’ colour palette
  • Traditional colour scales
  • Colour in distance
  • Changes from the small sample to the finished surface – Viewing distance
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